Super Diamond Deluxe Slot

Not all online slots are required to feature bonus games and a persuasive narrative; sometimes it’s nice to take things back to basics and play a game in which you simply have to spin the reels to earn big wins. One of the few games that shine in this aspect is Super Diamond Deluxe. However, that’s not to say that the game doesn’t have an edge over modern slot games of today. It does offer unique extras that include a progressive jackpot and various features that will transport any player to a world of fun-filled, unforgettable, and rewarding experiences.

Game basics

The Super Diamond Deluxe slot game is a 5 reel slot with a fixed number of pay lines set at 10. These reels occupy almost every single square inch of the screen. Behind these reels is a lush red backdrop that implies luxurious elements.

Four main symbols are scattered across the game’s reels, including numerous colored gems in green, blue, and red, while other symbols are depicted by standard card symbols like the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10.

Meanwhile, there are no special symbols here. No wilds or scatter symbols can be found, but there are extra features that will surely capture anyone’s interest.

Bonus features

One noteworthy aspect of the game is its ability to create winning combinations that do not have to start from the first reel. Normally, combinations would require everything to begin on the first reel, but those who play Super Diamond Deluxe slot get the advantage of one-of-a-kind combinations that can start from any of the three reels present.

Furthermore, another desirable trait of the Super Diamond Deluxe game is the progressive jackpot. No winning combinations are needed to be hit. Simply start a spin and wait for the reels to turn gold. This is a random occurrence and managing it will instantly bestow hefty prizes.

Last updated on December 6, 2023